Our Sweets
  1. Nostalgic Candies
    Nostalgic Candies
    Take a trip down memory lane. We carry a wide variety of nostalgic hard to find candy
  2. Glass Bottled Soda Pop
    Glass Bottled Soda Pop
    Have a drink, the parlor way. We also carry other fruit juices, sodas, and energy drinks
  3. Mrs. Fields Cookies
    Mrs. Fields Cookies
    Delicious cookies How Grandma used to make them
  4. Frozen Popsicles
    Frozen Popsicles
    Wide assortment of Lugi's ice pops and other popsicles including sugar free options
  5. Macarons!
    We have them, lots of them. Try them with our ice cream in a sandwich too
  6. Syrups & Other Toppings
    Syrups & Other Toppings
    Let us satisfy your favorite flavors. Large selection of quality syrups to make your milkshakes, whip cream, and sundaes. In addition to hot fudge, marshmallows, nuts, banana's & more
  7. Belgium Chocolates
    Belgium Chocolates
    Chocolate, vanilla, and other delicious flavors
  8. Cotton Candy!
    Cotton Candy!
    You don't have to wait for the fair
  9. Homemade Cookies
    Homemade Cookies
    They are exactly as tasty as you think they would be
  10. Marshmallows
    Fluffy and they smell great
  11. Classic Parlor Flavors & Sweets!
    Classic Parlor Flavors & Sweets!
    Come in and experience the flavors and treats that defined the classic ice cream parlor
  12. Lollipops
    Too many colors to choose from