​​​​​​Located in Todos Santos Plaza,  Loard's of Concord serves the classic Ice Cream recipe and flavors from 1950 in a  fun contemporary setting.
 Also serving,  shakes, glass bottled soda pop, nostalgic candies, cakes, macarons, sweets and other frozen treats.  


​​Come Visit our Shop

Enjoy a delicious classic scoop or indulge in another savory sweet.

Our shop is modern in setting but classic in taste.
You might hear some rock 'n roll from the 50’s or a new modern hit.

We have indoor and outdoor seating, accept all credit cards and have plenty of parking.

 Be a kid, or bring a kid!  We’d love to get to know you and your favorite scoop.   

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Our Customers Love our  Ice Cream
  1. Mint Chip
    Mint Chip
    Juan M.
  2. Classic flavors from the 50's
    Classic flavors from the 50's
  3. Blueberry Cheesecake
    Blueberry Cheesecake
    Juan M.
  4. Rainbow Sprinkles
    Rainbow Sprinkles
    Stacey C.
  5.  Black Walnut & Cheesecake
    Black Walnut & Cheesecake
    Celina A.
  6. Ube!
    Sarah L.
  7. Burgundy Cherry
    Burgundy Cherry
    Li S.
  8. Take home a Quart!
    Take home a Quart!
  9. Mint Chocolate
    Mint Chocolate
    Maxx D.
Other Treats